Cell100 Stubby Set of 3, 1 litre of oil, dye pack

Product Code: NO6100SR3OC1LDYE15P

Mini Teardrop Bundle
Black Funnel with Mini Cube Bundle
Mini Teardrop Bundle

Set of three CELL 100 STUBBY oil candles with spill resistant wicks, plus one litre of clear lamp oil, a dye pack and free funnel.  HTese candles are similar in design to the Cell 50, but have double the fuel capacity, so are quite a lot bigger

This is a really popular design, featuring thick moulded glass glass. By including a litre of oil and a dye pack we have created a simple one click perfect gift option, and which is cheaper than buying the items separately!   

Diameter at Largest Point
Candles come complete with wicks, but if you ever need a replacement, the part number is:
Price: £29.99