What Fuel should I use?

We recommend Clearcraft Lamp Oil, which is a highly refined parrafinic oil.  it has a very short carbon chain which means that it has few impurities, and therefore burns very cleanly.

Is it Safe?

It is very safe to burn and to store.  It has a flashpoint of >65 degrees centigrade and will not burn without a wick.  It should however be kept out of the reach of children, because if swallowed it can cause lung damage

You must keep it out of the reach of children because, if swallowed it can cause lung damage.  For small children of under three years, it can be particularly dangerous.  Always ensure that the child proof cap on the lamp oil is secured.

Can I add colours and fragrances?

We supply tint packs consisting of a red dye, a blue dye and a yellow dye, which allows you to create any coloured oil you like.  We do not advise adding fragrances as we cannot be sure of their constituents and also because if they are dissolved in the oil, the fragrance will burn and break down and therefore not fragrance your room.

How Strong are they?

If you want to see how strong our candles are, you should watch these videos with a mini ball: Min Ball 1 , Mini Ball 2Mini Ball 3Mini Ball 4

What Happens If I knock One Over?

Our lamps are very stable and rarely knocked over, but if they are, you have already seen that they are very strong and the fuel container is unlikely to break. 

With our new, spill resistant wcik holders little or no oil can escape at all.  The flame will continue to burn quietly.

How long do the wicks last?

In domestic use, for most of our oil candles, it is unlikely you will need replacement wicks.  Our thin wicks may need replacing at some time, after about 500 burning hours

We supply all replacement wicks and accessories