Our hand blown glass candles are designed by us and made in England so when you buy an oil candle, you're buying something home grown, with over 20 years of thought in it.  20 years of thinking about pumpkins for example... 


Some of our candles incorporate moulded parts and hand blown sections, all controlled by our design process. We take our inspiration from the world around us, from natural shapes and always with an eye to the flow of a candle, right to the tip of the flame.


One of the principles of our candle design, and what I believe to be key to the longevity of their popularity, is simplicity. Less is most definitely more when it comes to glass.  I like to let the glass do it's talking for itself, catching the natural light around it, and also reflecting the shimmering, flickering light it produces itself, from the flame.

The borosilicate glass used in the manufacture of the candles is German Schott tubing, which is the best, with a consistent wall thickness and clarity. It is heat resistant to 1500 degress centigrade so there is no danger of cracking or heat damage.  This means that you can rely on the quality of the final product.