Nylon Church Candles

These Oil Candles are designed to look exactly like a real church style pillar candle, with an ivory coloured nylon casing, concealing a metal fuel container, with  a screw in wick fitting and everlasting fibreglass wick.

Never again will you be frightened to light your big expensive wax candle in the hearth for fear of ruining it, because these candle always look as good as when you first light them!  And you know those beautiful metal or wood and glass hurricane lamps or lanterns that look fantastic with a big pillar candle in them? Well imagine how great they will be if they're not always spattered with spilt wax. and you can move them around any time you like without spilling anything.

They also have a hole in the bottom so they can be used with candle holders that have a small spike.

We have been trying for years to make this product at a price that meakes them affordable and we have finally done it!