Fragrance Oil Candles


Just add a few drops of your favourite fragance oil into the well of this unique oil candle and it will fill your room with the scent.


For years, we thought it was not possible to have a fragrant oil candle, because when you add fragrance to the oil, it simply burns away, along with the oil.  To make a fragrant candle work, the fragrance must be heated so that it vapourises, but doesn't burn.  And then we hit upon the CIL2 lamp.  

Originally designed for it's spil proof capabilities, we realised that the well in the top could be an idea receptacle for a fragrance, so we tried it out.  And hey presto! It works absolutely brilliantly! The bowl of the candle heats to between 50 and 65 degrees centigrade which is a great temperature for diffusing the aroma.