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Nylon Church Candles

We have created these sets and bundles for simple one click shopping and great value!

Fragrance Candle

Say goodbye to those old fashioned fragrance burners and say hello to this sleek, one piece candle!


New Lanterns, for indoor/outdoor use...and power cuts!!

Lamp Oil

Clean, sootless and odourless lamp oil

Oil Candle Accessories - Wicks, Funnels etc

Wicks and things!





Welcome to the Clearcraft oil candle website!


On the site you will find dozens of different styles, from small to tall, from practical to elegant and from economical to reassuringly expensive!

There are so many variations, but all oil candles have the same basic qualities that make them not just an alternative to wax candles, but your first choice for candle light.

They are clean and simple to use to use, and do not melt leaving messy wax everywhere (I once had to throw away a rug because the wax from a pillar candle had

flowed out of the candle plate (safely on the hearth) and onto the rug) . This also means they will always look as good as when you bought them.

Can you remember a time when you bought, or received as a gift, a beautiful candle - perhaps you've still got it, untouched on your mantelpiece,

because you're too frightened to light it, because it will be ruined the moment you do. Well, with an oil candle, you can use it as often as you like without spoiling it.

All our candles come complete with spill resistant wicks so if you knock one over, nothing, or almost nothing will come out.

And the very durable glassware used is strong enough to withstand some rough handling!

And you know, all that stuff about safety and strength and practicality of our oil candles is really great, but you will want to buy them simply because they're beautiful.

Enjoy the site. I hope you find the perfect candle for you!