SET OF CELL50/60/100 - Oil Candles Safety is very important when thinking about any sort of candle. Many of our candles have a protected flame to prevent contact with other household items, but in addition to that, all of our new range of candles designed for the home feature a spill resistant wick.  

This wick is sealed in place with nitrile 'o' rings, which prevent the wick from falling out in the event of an accident.  

More importantly, they prevent easy access to the oil by very young children who might think lamp oil was a good thing to drink, and it most definitely isn't something good to drink. For a one year old child, one milliltre of oil could be enough to cause serious damage.  

However,  it takes at least thirty seconds to get that much oil out of one of our oil candles, very small drip by very small drip.  One very small drip is usually enough to put anyone off trying any more!  This means that a child simply will not be able to drink any significant amount by accident, making them the safest oil candles ever!