Product Code: GI19SR

Like the Oslo range, the Stockholm is a modern and sleek design.  The fuel containing part of the candle appears suspended in mid air, because it rests on a narrow ridge in the glass shade.  One of the most popular shaded candles we have ever made, it is perfect for just about anywhere.  The frosted version puts out a softer, diffused light, while the clear version allows you to see the full beauty of the flame.  This Version, the Stockholm Grand, is as it's name suggests, like the Stockholm but bigger.  It is 170mm tall instead of 115. It holds the same amount of oil as a regular Stockholm.

They are also suitable for outdoor use


Diameter at Largest Point (mm)
Height (mm)
Candles come complete with wicks, but if you ever need a replacement, the part number is:
Price: £19.96