Product Code: CIL2


Fragrance Candle

At Last!  A simple to use, contemporary and clean design of fragrant oil candle.  Say goodbye to those old fashioned fragrance burners and say hello to this sleek, one piece candle! 

For the first time, we are able to offer an oil candle that can be fragrance. Just add a small amount of your favourite fragrance into the well and light the candle.  The well heats up and vapourises the fragrance, filling your room with scent.  It works absolutely brilliantly and looks really stlish and contemporary!

Originally, this candle was designed to be spill proof. By clever design and the recent addition of an internal wick tube, this candle can be tipped on it's side or inverted completely without a drop of oil coming out. It is also unique in that it is only one piece, but feaures a flame protected by a shade.  This really is the ultimate in oil candle design!  But by adding the inner tube, what we then created was the perfect fragrant oil candle!

The candle should be filled with just one to two cms of oil to ensure that it remains spill proof.

Special Features:

  • Anti spill.
  • Guarded flame.
  • Unique one piece construction.
  • Fragrance candle

    It is suitable for use indoors or out.  Of course, it can be used with or without fragrance.


You will need to purchase lamp oil to make the candle work!

Diameter at Largest Point
Candles come complete with wicks, but if you ever need a replacement, the part number is:
Price: £14.99